Is Implementing a Kiosk Management Solution Crucial?

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In the olden times one would only refer to a Kiosk as a snack vending machine or a Coke vending unit. Today’s Kiosks are no longer how they used to be. In recent times, the Kiosk industry has been continually evolving and adopting newer technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, digital currency and more. The added features, enable todays machines to provide a wide array of products in a self-service manner.

Kiosks can be an extremely cost-effective solution for companies, an affordable way of delivering sales at high-traffic areas — such as malls and airports — on a 24-hour basis, 365 days per year. But, they can also be much more than that. A six-month study by USA Technologies showed that when Apple Pay was highlighted as a payment method, sales increased by 33.5 % and mobile payment usage by 135.2%.


The interactive kiosks are self-service devices equipped with internet connectivity and remote management functionalities to provide information and products to customers without human intervention.

On one hand, the connectivity exposes these kiosks for potential hacking incident. But on the other, it offers an excellent opportunity to optimize the costs through remote monitoring, kiosk software upkeep, and remediation actions. The well monitored and secured kiosks have higher up-time which translates into better customer satisfaction and increased revenues. Thus, the right patch management, software upgrade, and remediation solution can contribute significantly towards a profitable kiosk operation.

$1 Bn

By 2021, the interactive kiosk market value will reach $1.07 billion which encompasses various applications and industries, such as, retail, transportation, hospitality and entertainment, among others.

Cybersecurity Challenge with Interactive Kiosks


of consumers reporting that they would prefer unattended retail operators that accept both cash and card payments

The pathbreaking collaborations with payment partners have revolutionized customer experience. However, the evolution of payment technologies such as Europay, Mastercard, Visa and mobile wallets — as well as a heightened awareness of security breaches exposing buyers’ payment data — creates a need for retailers, operators and FinTech companies to continue making continue making self-service industry.

The technological advancements in the kiosk industry have led to on-prem and cloud-based Point of sale with robust back office reporting and analytics. Just as any connected devices, these remote kiosks are prone to running outdated software and missing security patches. These vulnerabilities expose these kiosks to the risk of being compromised and results in poor customer experience.

Managing Kiosks using Accelerite Sentient

Accelerite Sentient helps ensure Kiosks spread all over the globe provide consistent consumer experience around the clock and limits the manpower costs associated with regular software related upkeep such as restart kiosk when slowing down. Sentient pulls together information in real-time from kiosks distributed across multiple locations within seconds and further helps analyze, classify, and present them in a highly visual format with easy drill down options. In case of identification of an issue or a deviation, it also has an option to remediate in a single click.

Accelerite Sentient is a remote Kiosk management solution that provides a solid foundation for well managed Kiosks. Sentient protects kiosks by providing a seamless mechanism for software security patch distribution to address vulnerabilities. It can also be used for software updates and up-to-date feature distribution to remote kiosks to ensure kiosks are providing desired customer experience.


Sentient Kiosk Management Highlights

  • In-place detection and remediation
  • Scalability and reliability
  • Proactive alert of threats
  • Realtime information
  • Dynamic graphical representation
  • Natural language query processing
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