IoT Digital Twins: A Virtual Mirror for Your Assets

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When NASA’s Apollo 13 space mission ran into problems while coming back from the moon, it was the innovative idea of mirrored systems that helped the engineers on earth guide the astronauts to a safe trip back home.

Now based on this ingenious concept and the subsequent advent of mobility, cloud and analytics technologies, enterprises are able to create virtual mirrored systems of physical assets, processes, and systems.  These virtual replicas are better known as digital twins.

Gartner has listed digital twins as one of the top strategic technology trends for 2017, while IDC reports that enterprises utilizing them could see a whopping 30% reduction in critical process timelines.

With IoT sensors embedded in your asset, you can utilize the operational data generated for better maintenance, utilization and also predict future trends to ensure there is no downtime.

For example, GE has been using a digital twin model residing in the cloud to build and optimize their wind farms. They fine tune the configuration of each turbine based on the data generated by the twin, and are on the path to realize a 20% gain in efficiency.

Many enterprises are already using digital twins to develop and test out new products and manufacture them only when they conform to their requirements, thus saving a tremendous amount of critical resources.

In his article, “Seeing double: why IoT digital twins will change the face of manufacturing”, Dean Hamilton, General Manager of Accelerite’s IoT business, outlines how digital twins can have an enormous impact on the way products are designed, manufactured, and maintained. Read the complete article to know how by gathering and analyzing the data that is generated by twins, enterprises can truly reap the benefits of IoT.

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