Infographic: Major Cyber Attacks of 2017

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2017 saw an extraordinary number of cybersecurity breakdowns from corporate breaches to state-sponsored ransomware attacks. The epidemic of security meltdowns does not seem to show any indications of ending soon. As 2017 comes to a close and enterprises work on developing a security strategy for 2018, here’s a list of this year’s biggest cybersecurity incidents and the weakness they exploited.


Sentient coupled with Radia is our unified solution for endpoint detection, management, and response that can trace through your network for potentially impacted machines and help barricade them off from the unaffected parts. This will limit the spread of any such invasions. In the same breath, administering the antidote to prevent such attacks will be doable in seconds.

Whether it be remediation or prevention, with a unified End-point detection and management solution like Sentient, you will not only be protected, but also ready to counter any such attacks with the fastest turnaround time.

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