Infographic: ATM Jackpotting reaches US shores

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An elaborate ATM attack with malware has been an evolving threat. The recent uprise of ‘Jackpotting’ in US undoubtedly creates a need for all ATM deployers, as a call to action, to take appropriate steps to safeguard their ATMs against these forms of attack.


Removing any incriminating traces of its activity in the operating, the security strategy needs to look beyond the mere physical environment. Accelerite’s ‘ATM Jackpotting Solution using Sentient’ enables in creating an impenetrable 3 lines of defense with instant tampering alert, trigger of halting cash flow and constructing a dead-end by shutting down the ATM. Its crucial today more than ever to explore probable mitigation mechanisms to safeguard yourself against ATM Jackpotting before it is too late!

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