How Industry 4.0 Can Energize the Cyber-Physical Factory

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Industry 4.0 is the wave of the future for the Manufacturing of Things. As this revolution forms, it’s vital to carefully consider which IoT platforms have the capabilities to deliver on the promise of this exciting future.

The impact of Industry 4.0 — frequently lauded as the fourth Industrial Revolution — could easily exceed the first Industrial Revolution that began in Britain in the late 1700s. Our society went from an agrarian economy to mass-producing affordable goods using steam power, electricity and, eventually, computers and automation. We’ve gone from the horse and buggy to the Model T, and now we’re on to self-driving cars!

The smart factories of the Industry 4.0 era will be powered by the internet of things, cloud computing and cyber-physical systems (CPS) technologies. Cyber-physical systems are powered by enabling cloud technologies which allow intelligent objects and cloud-based programmatic modules to communicate and interact with each other. These new cyber-physical manufacturing facilities use robotics, sensors, big data, automation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity systems and other cutting-edge technologies to deliver unprecedented flexibility, precision and efficiency to the manufacturing process.

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