Evolving to hyper-convergence with CloudPlatform acquisition from Citrix

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Happy new year to everyone. We ring in the new year with an exciting announcement! Accelerite is evolving a Hyper Converged Infrastructure solution! I am proud to share that Accelerite has entered into an agreement with Citrix to acquire Citrix CloudPlatform. As most people that follow technologies powering clouds know, in 2011 Citrix had acquired cloud.com with its CloudStack product. Citrix has been successful with growing CloudPlatform as a platform for commercial public clouds as well as large private clouds within enterprises, taking it from its origins as Cloud.com and making significant contribution to the open source community by contributing it to the Apache Foundation… The timing was right for us to enter into this agreement to help take CloudPlatform to further heights. Along with Citrix CloudPlatform, we are also acquiring CloudPortal Business Manager, a product with which service providers can provision, meter and bill for their services.

With our existing rCloud and Rovius disaster-recovery product lines as well as ConVirt, our hybrid cloud self-service product, this rounds out our portfolio as a complete cloud lifecycle management solution. We are excited about the possibilities this opens up for us – to help evolve CloudPlatform into a hyper converged infrastructure solution and add support for container management. We are also looking forward to working with Apache Foundation and contributing to the Apache CloudStack™ project. If you are as passionate about technologies that drive the next generation cloud as we are, I welcome you to write to me with your ideas and suggestions.

We are looking forward to welcoming the the marquee CloudPlatform customers to our already strong Global-1000 customer base. As we have demonstrated before with our acquisition of Radia from HP as well as the launch of Aepona from Intel, Accelerite’s key goal right after we do acquisitions of product lines is to increase our level of involvement with the newly acquired customers to ensure that their needs are met in every way. Furthermore we are thankful to Citrix for their continued support and initiative in building integrations with their key products. We look forward successfully closing this transaction within this calendar quarter.

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