Boost Endpoint Security with Real-Time Vulnerability Scans and Remediation

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Evolving workplace trends and high-profile attack vectors such as WannaCry and Petya ransomware are swiftly increasing the risk of endpoint security tool breaches for businesses of all sizes, making it challenging to proactively protect enterprises. What makes this battle so challenging? The assailant’s sole purpose of breaching your organization’s security walls could be compromising your intellectual property, financial details, employees’ personal information, or the data stores. Rendering Forrester’s overview, 50% of the 100-1,000 user organizations have fallen victim, compared with 58% of those in the 1,001-5,000-user category. Big or small, everyone is a target. Verizon’s annual security report on data breaches and IDC makes it clear that endpoint attacks are on the rise – and 91% of successful breaches originate on the weak endpoints.

Unified Endpoint Management OverviewSource: Gartner

With a growing number of endpoints, IT departments today face challenges in managing the increasing variety of internet-connected electronic devices in their environment and ensuring that employees get uninterrupted services to run the businesses smoothly.  Additionally, firms also face strain in keeping data, devices, and users secure and compliant with corporate policies and regulatory norms. New developments in company networks like software patch releases, OS updates etc. increase the difficulty of compliance as well. The surge in BYOD (bring your own device) policies ushers in a whole range of threats, including a laxity and standardization of endpoints, not to mention the unique vulnerabilities of the wide variety of endpoints.

Endpoint SecurityWhen most people think of computer security, they visualize software on a processor that battles with probable malware. Although, what is neglected is the human-computer relationship. Looking at what risks lie in the behavior of users and interaction with endpoints, as opposed to the endpoints themselves, needs scrutiny. How can modern-day MNCs attempt to carry-out multiple device scans to an effective degree? With numerous endpoint protection tools in the market, a solution that converges endpoint device security functionality into a single product and delivers antivirus, memory and hard-disk deviations, personal firewall, CPU exploitation, and rogue host intrusion prevention through a real-time event log and subnets would consequently offer instant remediation.

Sentient Endpoint Manager brings in a cognitive approach of UEM by offering diagnostic and predictive tools to enterprises whilst easing the day to day activities of an IT administrator. Delivering a high level of automation capability that ensures maintenance of enterprise devices in their desired state, reducing risks, increasing compliance and improving IT service delivery, Sentient gives you the ability to diagnose issues, breaches or vulnerabilities across over 100 thousand devices in just about 21 odd seconds. Drawing light on your endpoints is this tutorial which showcases how enterprises can lower their risk with preventive health checks across hundreds of thousands of endpoints. By expediting security orchestration and remediation with an amalgamation of real-time vulnerability status and health check of endpoints security across your corporate network, businesses can reduce the frequency and magnitude of cyber threats.

Watch how easy it is to monitor all your endpoint security behavior and remediate in real-time, through expedient preventive health checks. Preserve your endpoint security posture with Accelerite Sentient now!

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