Endpoint Security – 4 Basic Must-Haves of Endpoint Detection and Response

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The growing number of endpoints is one of the preeminent challenges in today’s enterprise. It has become the biggest vector to detect and analyze threats, and provides the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to responding fast and with precision. Without a strong endpoint security solution, rapid identification of threats and responding in real-time is a huge hassle and an exasperating exercise today for many IT teams.

Here is an outline of four must-haves for IT to move from being defensive to becoming a proactive player in managing their endpoints in this day and age.

Real-time Information for Endpoint Security

One of the key problems today is that attackers find it easy to bypass traditional operational defenses on endpoints. This technical limitation causes blind spots in IT’s endpoint defense inviting a number of hackers. The best antidote to this limitation is for IT and endpoint security teams to have up-to-the-minute real-time information and visibility into what’s happening on every single endpoint so they can act promptly and minimize damage to their organization.

Massive Scalability

Attacks today can strike one endpoint and quickly spread to others much faster than ever before.  Enterprises require an EDR tool which has a tiered architecture to accommodate their scalability requirements, track every endpoint activity, and gather information quickly to monitor how far these incidents have spread and affected their endpoint network.

Strong Analytical Engine

Along with scalability comes the responsibility to manage the data at large scale. Add to that, every endpoint agent collects a lot of unspecific information such as client health, hardware inventory, compliance states, software update levels etc. Hence, it is equally important for the system to have a strong analytical engine that can provide an instant visual representation of results and unearth issues in real-time for IT and endpoint security teams to act on.

Open Integration

Today every organization has many best-of-breed tools for varied purposes. It is important to choose a strong endpoint detection and response solution such as Sentient which integrates with existing endpoint security and management tools to broaden visibility and prevent gaps between disparate systems.

Endpoint detection and response is a foundational requirement to achieve comprehensive endpoint visibility and enhance an organization’s ability to detect and respond to threats, while minimizing the time spent chasing down encountered threats. To envision life without endpoint detection and response (EDR) and visibility into endpoints is inconceivable. The above four points act as key guideposts to navigating this emerging landscape.

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    Nice post to gain latest information on endpoint security. With advanced technology new threats are coming on the way like the latest threat “Ransomware” and “Data Breach”. Thank you for your post which allow us to stay updated with the new cyber world.

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