The Case for Endpoint Detection and Response Tools

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Everyone’s talking about Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) these days as the next big thing for the endpoint. And why not? Even Dark Reading has cited a number of security professionals as saying that the Endpoint is the new perimeter. Of course, there are differing viewpoints on the terms “new,” “perimeter,” and even “Endpoint” if you find someone passionate enough. However, most people will agree that EDR is here to stay. It is the future of endpoint management, as well as the all-important bridge to holistic endpoint security.

To understand why and how Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) has become critically important, one must first understand the evolution of the IT landscape when it comes to managing endpoints.

Evolution of Endpoint Management

Fig 1: Evolution of Endpoint Management

Over the last several decades, Endpoint Management has gradually evolved from simple automation (scripts anyone?), scale (thousands of devices), device coverage (not just Windows) to sophisticated operational workflows (planning & scheduling) and tool integrations (asset management, discovery tools, etc.).

This very frontier is now transforming the operational workflows – with all the fundamental building blocks of classic Endpoint Management – to hyper real-time information gathering, insights and actions. This is the space now commonly referred to as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Eventually, it will merge with a holistic proactive management toolset to provide continuous monitoring, alerts and risk-based scoring. To think about it another way, the EDR space is at the intersection of monitoring, security, and management — and you really don’t want to be left behind!

endpoint-management-detection-responseFig 2: Where Endpoint Detection & Response Fits

As such, the pedigree of the EDR solution is as good as its pedigree from each of its constituent domains. All things being equal, an EDR tool that draws on years of experience of managing endpoints is clearly a preferred choice. Similar conclusions can be arrived at from the point of view of endpoint security and, perhaps to a lesser degree, from the point of view of monitoring.

But what if an EDR tool exists that lets you build a truly best-of-breed solution using your existing favorite tools and that provides a secure way to add real-time insights and instantaneous remediation at a scale hitherto impossible across your established tools. That is exactly what Sentient from Accelerite provides.

  • A highly scalable architecture – Sentient is built on top of an IoT architecture and lends itself to cost-effective horizontal scaling to provide hyper real-time information directly from your endpoints in seconds.
  • Security wired in – Sentient employs a mix of transport, message and, in some cases, network-level security to ensure that there are no new attack vectors or surfaces that are introduced.
  • Protects your investment in your trusted tools Sentient can be a complement to your entire suite of tools, providing path to use them in a way never before possible.

In addition, Sentient provides the integration API, real-time streaming analytics and on-screen dynamic data rendering that can help you obtain your data the way you want it, when you want it.

If you would like to learn more about Sentient and Endpoint Detection and Response, please check out Sentient

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