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IoT has essentially created a whole new universe – that of devices. Hundreds of thousands of devices co-exist in a mesh and interact directly or indirectly with each other. These interactions have reasons, results, and effects that in turn drive the next set of actions. Thus, the cycle continues.

With time, this mesh is becoming ever more evolved and at the same time complex to handle. A single system involves a certain level of complexity, but when it becomes a system of systems, the complexity increases exponentially and has to be taken care of.

On top of this, we are constantly looking towards being more and more future-ready. We want to create a foundation that can accommodate newer devices and technologies without compromising on the outcome achieved – all this in the face of changing requirements and environments.

What would enable such an eco-system? A system of existing and future systems, which assimilates everything that is thrown at it from disparate development pipelines and still delivers an ace technology experience that makes life easier for both individuals and organizations?

With agile, we improved project management lifecycles, but could there be something more that could do a similar or a better job for us when things are getting a lot more complex? How do you handle the continually increasing complexity?

In his article, Collaborative lifecycle management is a key to IoT success, Dean Hamilton, GM of Accelerite’s IoT business, shared his thoughts on how we can repurpose a methodology we have always used to suit the current needs of software development for IoT. Read the complete article here.

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We also attended IOT Expo New York 2016, check here.

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