Data lakes gaining popularity among enterprises

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Data lakes, in a nutshell, can be defined as storage repositories that hold large amounts of raw data in its native format. As we are continually moving forward to a digital enabled data-driven world, Data lakes are gaining popularity among enterprises for their data storage needs.

This is critical as many IoT-based sensors are already flooding organizations with tons of data, and organizations are struggling to figure out this big data problem.

Taking advantage of the opportunities a data lake presents, enterprises have deployed solutions such as Hadoop-based big data platforms. These platforms can help build successful data lakes and retain the entire enterprise data instead of worrying about which data to keep and which to let go, thus safeguarding potential future insights.

IoT and Data lakes: A winning combination

If IoT data is coupled with a well-governed data lake, it gives the ability to model many complex scenarios and operational outcomes. IoT-enabled enterprises will employ their data lakes in conjunction with machine learning and artificial intelligence to create innovative predictive models for decision making based on real-time sensor data and visibility into relevant large data sets.

While the advantages seem exciting, enterprises need to address the challenges that come along with building and maintaining data lakes that deliver on the promises of IoT. One of the main challenges could be building a data lake itself and other challenges relate to structural and organizational issues.

It’s important to address these challenges through the proper technology solutions and organizational changes to derive maximum value from IoT initiatives and data lake, and avoid expensive or under-utilization of resources.

Dean Hamilton, GM of IoT business at Accelerite, in his article, Internet of Things helps fuel growth of data lakes, writes about the right steps on how such an outcome can be avoided. He explains that, with the right solutions and operational/cultural changes in place to build and maintain a data lake, IoT-enabled enterprises can provide business users with unprecedented insight and value from the huge volumes of information they are gathering.

With a well-designed and deployed data lake in place, enterprises will be well on their way to successful digital transformations. Also read –

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