Cloudera Hadoop on Rovius Cloud – Rapid Deployment

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Cloudera Distributed Hadoop (CDH) is one of the popular open-source Hadoop distributions, widely used in enterprises for big data processing and analytics. Cloudera Director allows deployment of production ready Hadoop clusters in an easy, efficient and automated manner on the underlying infrastructure.

Accelerite’s Rovius Cloud, a next-generation hybrid cloud platform, now seamlessly integrates with Cloudera Director. With a ready-to-use plugin, Rovius Cloud allows swift provisioning of Cloudera Hadoop on enterprise private clouds. This enables administrators to use an interface that they are familiar with, to quickly deploy the back-bone infrastructure required for Hadoop cluster creation.

Simply download, install and use.

Once configured, Rovius Cloud is listed as a supported cloud platform in Cloudera Director as shown.The Rovius Cloud environment can then be defined with requisite credentials and appropriate VM templates can be created.

With this, enterprises can continue to use Cloudera Director to automate  CDH deployment seamlessly.

Administrators can now specify the number of nodes, assign roles to nodes and get the cluster up and running on Rovius Cloud directly.


Rovius Cloud’s robustness coupled with Cloudera Director’s flexibility enables enterprises to use big data platforms as well as dynamic self-service analytical tools like Accelerite’s ShareInsights. Empowered with this combination, organizations can leverage analytics to get business insights while abstracting the underlying complexities of setup and deployment. With this, businesses can focus their energies on their core domain, and at the same time continue to be at the forefront of the digital wave of Industry 4.0. Check this information about Industry 4.0 for Cyber-Physical Factory.

You can download the plugin and try it from here.

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