Cloud Billing Gets a Boost With CloudPortal Business Manager 2.5.0

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Accelerite’s cloud  billing just got a boost with the recently announced CloudPortal Business Manager 2.5.0. CPBM is the industry-leading cloud billing, service delivery and operations platform from Accelerite. This new release covers some security enhancements, additional capabilities to strengthen partner ecosystem and tighter integration with Accelerite CloudPlatform. These capabilities also greatly enhance the power of CloudPlatform – an application-centric cloud orchestration solution.

CPBM 2.5.0 brings value for cloud service providers, hosting service providers and managed service providers to strengthen their partner ecosystem. This version also empowers cloud administrators for creating and managing multiple projects within their client accounts with secure access control.

Let’s take a look at some of the key capabilities:

Wirecard Payment Gateway

In addition to and CyberSource, CPBM 2.5.0 now offers choice to make online payment through Wirecard payment gateway.

Cloud Billing With Tiered Pricing

With tiered pricing model, enterprise administrators or service providers can split the product pricing into several units and charge on the basis of tiered units.

Reseller Support

This capability helps service providers scale their operations further by assigning partners who can resell their products or services to end customers on the basis of profit sharing.


CPBM now offers an additional capability of creating a project which is an entity that sits between an account and a user. Projects enable users of an account to launch and share infrastructure resources with a specific cloud service. One account can have multiple projects with one or more users as members.

Additional Support for CloudPlatform Features

In addition, CPBM 2.5.0 also provides support for more CloudPlatform features now across operations and networking. This includes features such as resizing of root disk, SSL termination, destination CIDR in the Egress Rules, portable IP address and vGPU support. Due to these features, CPBM now adds even more value to existing CloudPlatform installations. For example, portable IP address offers flexibility to enterprise users in porting their services across locations seamlessly and ability to resize the root disk during operations helps scale up and scale down storage easily.

To get more details about this new release, read our support article, Accelerite Releases CloudPortal Business Manager Version 2.5.0.

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