Types of CISO and How They Can Use Endpoint Detection and Response

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The Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO) role is to ensure information assets and technologies are protected from internal and external threats. They are responsible for the overall security of the company, and have an extremely difficult job to perform. Even a single breach or a vulnerability gone undetected can land them in trouble.

CISOs have been classified based on the type of role they perform as they come into an organization. A Builder CISO is one who likes to build security programs from the ground up. A Stabilizer CISO is one who likes to join an established security program after a major security breach. Stabilizers usually look to strengthen existing programs further. Here is how Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) can help each type of CISO:

Builder CISO

Classically, this kind of CISO prefers joining an organization where the security infrastructure is not yet in place. Therefore, they like to take up the challenge of building a cybersecurity infrastructure from scratch. The most important tasks for these CISOs are, getting daily scheduled security checks in place, put processes in place to evaluate incidents so they don’t recur, remediating security patches, assessing and addressing risk, and setting the due-diligence processes. EDR provides unparalleled visibility and an intelligent action framework to provide the Builder CISO a better handle on situations. One single EDR is faster and more effective than the use of separate tools, thereby improving efficiency, security posture and overall ROI on existing IT investments.

Stabilizer CISO

This CISO needs to quickly evaluate the current state of the information security program and put a roadmap in place. The only way he or she will be able to get information and put a roadmap in place is by having quality information. Consequently, an Endpoint Detection and Response tool can help this CISO. They can gather all the necessary endpoint information within seconds with EDR. It also helps them evaluate all the current security-related problems and solve them appropriately. An EDR solution such as Accelerite Sentient can correlate data against multiple sources within an organization to provide deep insights. It comes with capabilities to provide visibility across the organization in real-time for the CISO to fix existing problems and prevent future security incidents.

In 2016, the then President of the United States, Barack Obama announced that companies should report breaches to customers within 30 days of discovering them. With such tight timelines, CISOs today need to be able to quickly…

  1. Identify security threats, malware attacks & vulnerabilities in real time
  2. Zero in on exact scope and location of attacks, and how far it has spread in organization
  3. Locate endpoint devices on the network that are non-compliant
  4. Investigate, visualize and take appropriate actions

It’s time for CISOs to add real-time visibility and insights gathering from endpoints!


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