AWS re:Invent 2018: A Recap

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AWS re:Invent 2018 was a resounding success. The conference had a massive turnout with over forty thousand people in attendance. There were so many brilliant sessions and events to participate in. From Alexa Hack Day and AWS GameDay to the 2018 AWS Harley Ride and Broomball, the week was jam-packed.

We had a great time at the Wednesday keynote by AWS CEO Andy Jassy. Jassy spoke for over three hours and made dozens of key announcements including Amazon Elastic Inference, an offering that lets users attach the optimal amount of GPU-powered inference acceleration to any Amazon EC2 instance. The service will decrease the cost of machine learning predictions by 75%. Jassy spoke about the Inferentia machine learning chip which promises to be a very high-throughput, low-latency, and cost-effective processor. Jassy also introduced the new machine learning category in AWS Marketplace which comes with more than one-fifty plug and play machine learning algorithms and models.

On Thursday, AWS CTO Werner Vogel announced the launch of Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka, among several other exciting launches. Kafka, an open source platform for handling incoming data streams, so far required tremendous heavy lifting for setting up clusters on AWS. Vogels pointed out that “It’s a nightmare having to restart all the cluster and the main nodes. This is what I would call the traditional heavy lifting that AWS is really good at solving for you.”


Accelerite ShareInsights Team at AWS re:Invent 2018

At the conference, we also took the opportunity to unveil our latest offering on AWS – ShareInsights 3.0. ShareInsights integrates flawlessly with AWS analytics technologies including S3, Glue, EMR, Spark, and more. ShareInsights masks the complexities of these technologies in a drag-and-drop analytics designer that lets you design both transformation pipelines and visualizations without any programming. You can now embrace all AWS analytics offerings without the need to worry about coding skills or data engineering expertise!

The unique capability of ShareInsights is not only that you can design complex big data analytics pipelines without any programming, but that it also optimizes workloads on AWS. This means that with the click of a single button to publish a dashboard, ShareInsights executes complex analytics pipelines using the most optimal underlying AWS analytics technologies. ShareInsights also comes with a price predictor that lets you estimate how much it will cost you to run a workload on AWS.

ShareInsights is available on the AWS Marketplace. Schedule a demo today to see how our first of a kind, no-code tool allows anyone to use AWS analytics to create powerful interactive dashboards and deliver insights in minutes.

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