Analytics on AWS re:Imagined – Join the Accelerite ShareInsights Team at AWS re:Invent, Booth 113

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We are thrilled to be a part of the AWS annual user conference, AWS re:Invent 2018, from November 26 -30 and, this year, data and analytics tracks will be bigger than ever before! In just a few days’ time, over forty thousand attendees will take over Las Vegas to celebrate the new wave of innovations being unveiled live on stage by team AWS.

Two sessions that we look forward to attending are “Technology Trends: Data Lakes and Analytics” by Anurag Gupta, VP for AWS Analytics and DB Services and “Leadership Session: Machine Learning” by Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Amazon Machine Learning. Anurag will talk about specific trends such as the growth of machine-produced data and semi-structured/unstructured data as primary sources of new data, the shift towards serverless, SPI-based computing, and the increasing need for users across the globe to access local data. In the machine learning session, we are excited to hear Swami reveal the latest machine learning services from AWS.

There is little doubt about the value and usefulness of migrating enterprise analytics workloads to cloud-native analytics services offered by AWS. However, enterprises also need to acknowledge that while the shift to the cloud has solved the problems of scale and flexibility, an entirely new set of challenges has cropped up along with it. Analysts, who are usually non-programmers, have to pick the right cloud offering, sort out different data sources, and use many new tools to manage it all. This complexity can weaken efforts and reduce the value enterprises hope to realize from the cloud.

The good news is that platforms such as Accelerite ShareInsights have emerged that can help enterprises abstract the complexity of AWS offerings and create data pipelines without writing any code. ShareInsights cloaks the AWS analytics technologies in a drag-and-drop analytics designer that can design both transformation pipelines (including machine learning pipelines) and visualizations – no scripts, no code. The ShareInsights code generator uses the underlying AWS technologies to process data and bring dashboards to life.

Stop by booth 113 at re:Invent 2018 to get a demo of how ShareInsights lets non-programmers design ETL pipelines, use powerful cloud-native technologies for data processing and creates powerful interactive dashboards all in a matter of minutes using AWS analytics. Book a one-on-one demo with our experts today!

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