Analytics on AWS: How to work past complexity issues on AWS?

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has grown at a meteoric speed, leading the league in public cloud services, largely due to its customer-focused innovation together with an excellent product strategy. For the leadership team at AWS, it is a point of pride to relentlessly roll out new services, features, and enhancements every year. AWS announced 1430 new features and services in 2017 and, as of 2018, there are over 20 categories with more than 120 distinct services. The database, analytics, and machine learning categories alone have close to 40 services.

Admittedly, the constant addition of new services is cause for customer celebration – AWS is ensuring that no customer’s needs are left unmet. But it can also be cause for concern. The current AWS portfolio of 120+ services in conjunction with the on-going rate of innovation creates a lot of complexity and choice overload. It becomes overwhelming for most enterprise customers to select the right service for their specific use case. In an environment as diversified and intricate as AWS, picking the wrong service can lead to both cost and time spiraling upwards.


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Also, AWS offerings tend to be complicated and require specific training before they can be used. They need developers to gain in-depth knowledge and a new set of skills. Even then, a lot of developers find its web interface to be inscrutable with a lot of trial and error needed to figure out how things work. Only a full-time AWS expert can correctly understand how to get value out of AWS services.

In a Q&A session with analysts at AWS re:Invent, AWS CEO Andy Jassy was asked about product complexity. He responded by saying that AWS will not slow down its pace of innovation, but will focus on simplifying consumption of AWS services. ShareInsights 3.0 is one such tool that simplifies the use of AWS analytics services like S3, Glue, EMR, Spark, SageMaker, Athena, Kinesis, and more. ShareInsights cloaks the complexities of these technologies in a drag-and-drop designer that lets users perform all analytics operations from cataloging and preparation to visualization and machine learning, without any programming. ShareInsights automatically selects the most appropriate AWS-native analytics service for the analytics workload, orchestrates the service, executes the workload, and returns the results. It eliminates the need for business users to rely on specialists to derive value from their AWS data lake.

shareinsights-3.0-unlocks-the-power-of-aws-analyticsWhat’s more, it offers cost and time forecasting so that users can estimate the performance and expense of each service based on the specific workloads they plan to run. The ability to forecast expenses along with ShareInsights’ automated service selection can lower AWS utilization costs by as much as 20X! Get in touch with us today to find out how ShareInsights 3.0 brings simplicity to AWS analytics.

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