Meet the Accelerite ShareInsights Team at AWS re:Invent 2018

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One of the biggest cloud events of the year, AWS re: Invent 2018, is just around the corner. The sheer scale and popularity of AWS re: Invent implies that the cloud has finally become mainstream. The proliferation of the cloud in our personal lives from Gmail to Netflix to Facebook has made us comfortable with the idea of storing important data remotely.  In the business ecosystem, the cloud has lived up to its promises, giving executives plenty of good reasons to consider moving their workloads to the cloud.

The issue with migrating to the cloud, however, is when enterprises don’t realize that the cloud is a different approach to fulfilling IT demands. What worked seamlessly in the on-premises environment might not necessarily work well in the cloud. Consider, for instance, the example of moving analytics workloads and associated data pipelines to the cloud.

Enterprises that are transitioning their analytics workloads to the cloud have come to the realization that it isn’t exactly easy. It is not just a matter of gathering your complex data pipelines and transferring them to an analytics service on a public cloud. Public cloud services come with a swarm of technical options that enable an enterprise to do practically anything they want. These services are largely targeted at programmers and while they deliver unparalleled capabilities to technical teams, non-coders who typically create and manage data pipelines are baffled and overwhelmed by the vast range of choices. Until now non-programmers have been unable to design ETL pipelines on the cloud or use any of the powerful cloud-native technologies for data processing.

Migrating analytics workloads to public cloud analytics services undeniably offers the combined benefits of scale, elasticity, and performance, but it does so at the cost of complexity. To truly benefit from analytics in the cloud and get business insights faster, enterprises need to enable business users to close this gap and take charge of data pipelines. Enterprises must reassess the tools and techniques they use to create and manage their data pipelines in a way that minimizes complexity as they strive to reap all the advantages that the cloud promises to deliver.

Join us at booth 113 at AWS re: Invent to hear our take on this pressing challenge. We will map out how techniques such as visual data pipeline modeling and adoption of no-code tools such as Accelerite ShareInsights can help organizations harness the power of cloud-native analytics by masking the complexity of cloud infrastructure. Meet us to understand how you can successfully embrace AWS analytics technologies without a hitch and without the need to worry about coding skills or data engineering expertise. See you in Vegas!

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