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I’m happy to announce the availability of Radia 10.0 Release. Radia 10.0 has new features, enhancements, and many changes for you to tackle your ever-growing Endpoint Management challenges. This article is all you need to know what Radia 10.0 is all about!

We are working hard to be responsive to our customers’ feedback and enhance Radia product line so as to deliver value continuously. With Radia 10, we align with Microsoft’s OS-As-A-Service approach and support all the three Win10 branches & Windows 7/8.1 rollup patching. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with our out-of-the-box support for Accelerite “Sentient” that gives real-time information on your endpoint infrastructure.

Windows 10 and Windows 7/8.1 Management

With our support for Windows 10 in Radia 10, you can install servicing updates (patches) through Patch Manager and perform feature upgrades through Software or OS Manager, just to make sure that you can rollout Windows 10 sooner confidently.

Radia 10 supports Windows 7/8.1 rollup patching also and you can acquire & distribute Security only or rollup updates or both. We give you the freedom to pick & choose and deploy what is important using the features of CSDB.

Radia 10 & Sentient

Sentient enables you to get a real time view of the health of endpoints and you can search hundreds of thousands of devices within seconds and fix critical security, compliance and configuration issues within minutes. Sentient & Radia combination will be the best value addition to your endpoint management arsenal coming year and read more about it here.

Data Insights

Data Insights is another one-stop browser based tool that extracts insights from your existing Radia data and presents you with intuitive and interactive visualizations for analysis. If you have a lot of Radia data from past and want to understand trends, patterns and prepare yourself for the coming years, you need Data insight right away. Read more about it in the Radia Data Insights Datasheet.

Enterprise Mobility and UI Enhancements

We’ve implemented a lot of our customers’ feedback in EMM and have improved usability and UX. Tool tips are now more descriptive and helpful now! We’ve added a few new capabilities as well: Bulk import & upload of corporate devices, QR Code based device registration,

Time fencing support for Android and iOS, Email security for Android (K9 client) and iOS (managed accounts), Secure Enterprise Browser and App support – Secure office.

Finally, we’ve included a number of maintenance and bug fixes from Radia 9.2 and many incremental improvements in performance, scale and usability.

Here is where we keep 10.0 manuals and the MR build here. Feel free to get in touch with us at or if you want to know more about Radia 10.0.

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