Accelerite Releases CloudPlatform Version 4.7, our first significant milestone

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Earlier this month, we launched a new version of Accelerite CloudPlatform that you might have heard about. CloudPlatform v4.7 includes new capabilities in Compute, Networking and Operations, and we have made significant quality and performance improvements. We are excited to share with you some of the key benefits.


There are some major improvements in compute that you can expect. We have added support for Windows workloads on bare-metal, preview of CoreOS support, and provisioning and managing of workloads on HP Moonshot blade servers.

Bare metal Windows Support: This was something many of our users had been asking us for some time, and we have it now! Users can now use bare metal and provision Windows desktops and manage them as they would any virtual infrastructure.

Docker Container Support: CoreOS is emerging as the most popular choice for the host OS to run Docker containers. By leveraging CoreOS support in CloudPlatform, service providers and enterprises can now offer Docker Containers as a Service to their customers.
HP Moonshot Support: CloudPlatform has forayed into micro-servers by extending bare-metal provisioning to include HP Moonshot.


We have added integration with NetScaler Control Center (NCC) and NetScaler Inline Mode. A tighter integration with NCC enables admins to manage all NetScaler devices from a single UI, and significantly improves CloudPlatform’s robustness.

Quality and Operational Enhancements:

We have continued investments in product quality and supportability, including introduction of Accelerite CloudPlatform Doctor, minimizing downtime for VR upgrades, and snapshot improvements.

Introducing Accelerite CloudPlatform Doctor – In what we think will be extremely useful for customers, we have introduced Accelerite CloudPlatform Doctor, which helps diagnose, tune, and resolve issues much faster than before!
Faster and seamless VR Updates – A new mechanism avoids reboot of VR whenever a security update is required, which in turn minimizes downtime. This method can also be leveraged for other updates that do not require a reboot.
Externalization of non-US keyboard and LDAP enhancements – We now provide a generic framework to define the key-mappings and ability to customize to any flavor of keyboard the user is using.

Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes:

This release stands out as one of the best CloudPlatform releases in terms of performance improvements and bug fixes. We have done extensive performance validation and improvement with focus on UI, API, VR, and snapshot performance. We have improved the host setup time by up to 80%, and reduced the Management Server restart time in the Basic and Advanced zones by nearly 65%. In addition, we have fixed over a hundred small and large bugs, making an already robust product rock solid!

The product download for CloudPlatform version 4.7 is available for registered users at the Accelerite Support Portal: You can learn more about 4.7 by visiting the support portal.

We would love to hear from you, so please write to us at or start a discussion in the support portal so we can continue to build on a roadmap that you will be enjoy as much as we do.

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