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Speed up your security and compliance operations

Cybercriminals today are increasingly targeting and attacking corporate endpoints, business critical systems and applications. If your enterprise is like most, a great deal of time, effort, and resources are spent attempting to discover and resolve issues hidden deep inside your endpoints. It is challenging to analyze and identify the exact scope and location of malware attacks in your diverse endpoint universe, let alone do it fast!

Preemptive steps to reduce attacks on endpoints before they can cause significant damage are a business imperative for today’s enterprise. Accelerite Sentient allows you to quickly find and fix critical security, compliance and configuration issues in your endpoints.

Endpoint Security & Endpoint Compliance Solution

Comprehensive endpoint security with detect, analyze and remediate capabilities

  • Vulnerability Management: Scan, detect and report on the latest known vulnerabilities in the form of rogue files, processes and harmful configurations
  • Compliance Management: Scan endpoints to find and fix violations of your security & compliance policies against established IT benchmarks
  • Security Configuration Management: Run scans and audits of managed devices for security tools, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls and more

By enabling security teams to quickly detect, analyze and source threats from outside and from within, Accelerite Sentient helps prevent attacks and improves security and compliance throughout your enterprise.

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