Endpoint Security in Real-Time

Visibility and protection through real-time information

Cybercriminals now view corporate endpoints as vulnerable, offering potentially unprotected entry points to the enterprise. Endpoint Security threats are ubiquitous, malware attacks are happening at an increasing clip, and security teams are struggling to fend off the frequency of attacks and try to shield their endpoints. Real-time information to quickly detect and analyze Endpoint Security incidents, along with the capability of minimizing the time lag between threat identification and deploying preventive measures in a focused manner, is critical to the health of today’s enterprise.

Accelerite Sentient incorporates security and configuration information from corporate endpoints in realtime. Thus, IT professionals can quickly identify threats and address potential security issues in their endpoint network within seconds.

Endpoint Security Solution for Best-in-class Endpoint Protection

Real-time visibility and control of each
and every endpoint

  • Real-Time Information: Scan, identify and report on key endpoint signs from every single endpoint within seconds to locate vulnerabilities, malware, and other cyber threats
  • Up-to-the-minute Visibility: Deep visibility across endpoints with graphical views, drilldowns, filtering and detailed reporting for superior analyses
  • Complete Control: Gain back control of every endpoint to fix issues immediately, respond to fast-developing situations, and recover from security incidents in a matter of minutes

Accelerite Sentient significantly improves an organization’s Endpoint Security posture by eliminating the delays associated with identifying threats and vulnerabilities and greatly reducing the time to resolution.

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