Enterprise Mobility Management

Securely enable all the tools your mobile-first, cloud-first workforce needs

Mobile devices play a critical role in enabling today’s on-the-go employees to be productive. As your clients and their employees increasingly embrace mobile devices –BYOD, Corporate-owned Personally Enabled devices (COPE), shared devices and tablets used as kiosks – it’s critical to provide them with enterprise mobility management services that are feature-rich and easy to deploy. Radia Enterprise Mobility Management solution solves this challenge with a comprehensive mobility management solution that manages a growing universe of mobile devices, with myriad applications.

Now you can streamline how you provision, manage, and deploy the devices, applications, and content users want, while ensuring workforce, privacy and data security across your different tenants in a
cost-effective manner.

Supporting devices, applications, content, security, and compliance

Easily define, configure, and enforce the who, what, where, when, why, and how of device and application access and usage. Radia Mobility Management provides:

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Device Configuration & Management

Register, configure, track, and manage corporate-owned and employee-owned devices.

Device Security

Enforce security configurations, such as passwords, content, apps, rooting/jailbreak detection, remote lock/wipe and more.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Application Distribution & Management

Publish apps to an app store, define mandatory apps with role-based access rights, and track download statistics.

App Wrapping

Secure mobile apps with cutting-edge app wrapping functionality to add cut/copy/paste protection for data-leak prevention (DLP), pass codes, geo/time fencing and much more.

Mobile Content Management - MCM with Application Data Security and Lifecycle Management

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Application Data Security

Leverage secure containers (e.g. Samsung KNOX) to protect corporate data with selective wipe, encryption, and app wrapping.

Data Lifecycle Management

Manage data and content passing through mobile devices with productivity apps (e.g., email, secure browser), enforce third-party app whitelisting restrict file access and more.

Mobile User/Profile Management

User Enrollment and Mobile-enablement

Enable device self-registration for BYOD and bulk-registration of corporate procured devices. Integrate with Active Directory, creating user groups and roles with detailed tracking and reporting.

Mobile Content Management - MCM with Application Data Security and Lifecycle Management

Flexible Deployment Models

Radia offers both on-premises and cloud-based models as hosting options for a comprehensive mobility management solution. Contact us to learn more about a pricing model to suit your needs.

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