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Solve Your customers’ diverse
endpoint management needs

The sheer number of endpoint platforms and device types — from servers, PCs, thin clients, VDIs, and mobile services to industry-specific devices like ATMs, kiosks, and POS devices — continues to multiply. Your clients, at varying growth stages and from many industries, are using a wide variety of platforms and devices. For most service providers, a disparate set of parallel point solutions to manage these diverse endpoints is not scalable and cost effective.

Radia Endpoint Management Platform solves this challenge with a smart, unified solution to manage all of your enterprise customers’ endpoints, from a single place.

Single pane of glass management

Radia offers a fully integrated solution to configure, secure, patch, and manage disparate devices and platforms. A unified endpoint management approach provides significant benefits, including:

  • Reduced management and operating costs, which can be spread over multiple client engagements
  • Fast, consistent, and simplified administration with customizations
  • Secure role-based access to multi-tenant infrastructure
  • Integrated reporting at every level – from aggregate reports across client engagements to individual tenant and corresponding roles
  • User-centric policy enforcement across multiple devices, with complete automation to simplify management
  • 24 X 7 visibility across the entire universe managed endpoints

Endpoint Management for Industries

Industry-Defining Scalability and Scope

The sheet number of devices hitting corporate networks continues to grow exponentially, and with the emergence of smart devices, wearables, and IoT, scalability and scope expansion across geographies, device types and customer verticals should be a top priority for service providers.

Radia has the most scalable architecture of any tool in its class, allowing a single administrator to manage upwards of 50,000 endpoints across geographies. Radia supports deployments of varying device types across a distributed landscape, with customers from a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, government, and more.

Flexible Deployment Models

Radia offers both on-premises and cloud-hosted models to meet your needs. Radia’s architecture optimizes bandwidth usage and improves performance with peer-to-peer technology and local caching, reducing operating expenditure. Contact us to learn more about a pricing model to meet your needs.

Endpoint Management for MSPs - Flexible

Endpoint Management with lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownsership)

Lowest TCO

Broadest support of device types
and platforms
+ Single pane of glass management
+ Policy-driven automation
+ Unprecedented scalability
+ Flexible deployment options
+ Optimized architecture for
low bandwidth and better infrastructure usage

= Best value and TCO of any tool in its class

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