How do you effectively monitor the ever-growing range of endpoints? As diversity in endpoints grows, how do you stay in control of your IT infrastructure?

Sentient is a real-time systems management and security solution that allows enterprises to scan across geographically spread diverse IT assets, whether on-prem or cloud, and be alerted to changes, thereby offering complete visibility, detection and response to secure and effectively manage the endpoints.
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Wannacry Ransomware Attack Instant Visibility as the Perfect Antidote Protect against WanaCryptor (WannaCry) Ransomware with Sentient
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Evolution of UEM space and need to endpoint management solution explained with this interactive infographic
UEM Evolution

Advanced Endpoint Management and Security

The pace at which today’s business operates puts pressure on IT to deliver faster without compromising even tiny bit of control on their environment. IT managers can no longer afford to have a routine IT audit occupy their teams for weeks when their business heads expect a turnaround times measured in minutes.

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Shield your enterprise against the new age cybercrimes

ATM Jackpotting and many other similar cybercrimes are not likely to go away soon.
It is imperative for financial institutions to find solutions that mitigate this growing scourge. Banks today, need to address the ATM Jackpotting problem and safeguard themselves against the next attack – without having to deploy an additional endpoint solution.
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Real-time Endpoint Insights Plugging an Important Security Gap

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Identifying a problem is often the hardest part of fixing it

  • Mitigates risks considerably with real-time and instant status and health check of endpoints across the corporate network
  • Provides better control and improves decision-making, based on precise and real-time information with deep endpoint insights
  • Significantly reduces operational costs with proactive and targeted endpoint management
  • Reduces security incidents due to vulnerable endpoints running older patches, rogue software, processes, and other issues
  • Provides real-time and dynamic graphs to view endpoint status, and act quickly

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