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Accelerite’s Location Based Services

Trusted by Tier 1 mobile operators worldwide

Location Based Services for Mobile Operators

Turn-key Location Based Services

  • Generate new enterprise Field Service Management (FSM) VAS revenue streams from consumer and enterprise-oriented location based services
  • Comply with government public safety location mandates for  provisioning emergency caller infrastructure (e.g., E911, E112, India E100, Brazil E190/192/193)
  • Comply with government law enforcement location mandates for provisioning electronic communications surveillance (e.g., US CALEA, India TRAI)

Location Based Services for Industries and Government

Industry-proven Location Based Services platform delivers critical positioning infrastructure and applications for telecom operators

Revenue Generating LBS

  • Dynamically selects the best positioning method to deliver required accuracy, automatically selecting failover (e.g., E-CID) if A-GNSS fails
  • Aggregates location-related functions that are common across GSM/UMTS, LTE, IS-95 CDMA, GSM, WiMAX, and iDEN networks in a common base layer, offering radio network specific capabilities as optional modules
  • Centralizes radio-agnostic functions such as LCS API, privacy policy management, Authentication Authorization and Administration (AAA) / Policy Control Rules Function (PCRF) and position technology selection, resulting in a single, integrated platform for mobile operators with support for multiple radio technologies, such as CDMA, GSM, UMTS, and LTE
  • Supports standard/widely used OMA MLP and Accelerite’s own advanced SOAP-based “AAI” APIs
  • Subscribers can define privacy settings on a per application basis. PCRF/AAA functions ensure location requests are compliant

LBS for Emergency Agencies

  • Routes emergency calls (e.g., US 911, EU 112) from mobile handsets to the appropriate Emergency Response Call Center (i.e., PSAP) based on proximity as determined by serving cell tower. Deployed with the Accelerite Location Platform SDP/GMLC functions ensures that emergency requests are prioritized in advance of commercial LBS transactions
  • Locates callers with degree of accuracy specified by regulatory bodies. Implements “control plane” SMLC/PDE to locate distressed caller using: A-GNSS, CDMA AFLT, LTE OTDOA, LTE AoA+TD, Cell+TA/RTT. Can locate any CDMA, GSM/3GPP compliant device
  • The system delivers 99.999% uptime and is also available as an Accelerite hosted service

LBS for Lawful Intercept

  • LP interfaces with LEA applications using several APIs (e.g., Law Enforcement LIMS, OMA MLP, OpenLS, and Accelerite’s SOAP based “AAI”). LP then performs the AAA/PCRF function to authenticate the requesting LEA application. The Location technology selector determines the optimal positioning method to use, based on requested accuracy/device and network capabilities. It can also invoke a “failover” if the requested method fails
  • Accelerite’s LP for LI Location services performs request management to ensure requests are fulfilled within specified quality of service parameters
  • Law enforcement LIMS, OMA MLP, OpensLS and Persistent SOAP-based “AAI”
  • The suspect position determination methods below may be calculated in real time, or the input measurements may be appended to Call Detail Records (CDRs) for forensic post-processing:
  • Control plane A-GNSS
  • Control plane CDMA AFLT
  • Control plane LTE OTDOA and AoA+TD
  • Control plane Cell+TA/RTT
  • Pattern matching against model
  • Offers custom application development to ensure lawful intercept requests follow the procedures detailed by the government to ensure validity (e.g., issuance of warrant or magistrates order) and to supply real-time tracking information to LEA mobile devices

Location Based Services

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